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Future of TheNoobBot

Edit: 1st January 2018: Sales are now closed. TheNoobBot will remains available until 31 January 2018, the future of the bot and the source code will be decided later. You can send enquiries at sync[a–t] if you’re interested in buying our 6-years of development source code.

Edit 21 December 2017: Sales will continues until 31 December. The bot will stop functionning in the end of January 2018, we extend the ability to purchase to cover the last month of server’s fees (244 euros)

TheNoobBot will cease activities in 2018, after the 20 december 2017, you wont be able to subscribe anymore. The bot will be updated to support latest WoW version until the end of January 2018 and should no longer be available after the 31 January 2018

It’s a great adventure that will end, we’ve been working on the project since 2011 and published it on 17 Feb 2012, we had our up & down, our moments, the banwaves we had thoughout the years can be counted on the fingers of your hands.
But now, it’s time for this to cease, Blizzard is going hard to all cheats/bots software at the moment, their game can now be considered a spyware as it scans so much into your computer.

It’s time for myself to find a job to replace this activity. Most of the developers that have helped thoughout the years already have one, so they should be safe to.

Thank you !

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